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Smash Collab

2008-12-14 14:30:44 by HellBentGoose

Me and my friend, Flash-Gamers, are making a flash collab together. It's called The Smash Collab. We each have a character that we primarily use (I use Mario, he uses Luigi), then we each have 4 parts to contribute-different fights if you catch my drift.

Since I've been absent from Newgrounds for awhile, I tried to perfect my flashes a little bit more with some more practice and tips. I'm 100% sure that my flashes are going to be way better than they were previously.

Back to the topic...
The Smash Collab- It doesn't really...have a storyline. It doesn't need one. All it is, is Mario and Luigi versing random characters. I have 4 parts, he has 4 parts. He does the intro, I do the ending. That's basically it. I'm finished with my first part, I just have to add SFX. We're still deciding on a song. But that's it. Here's the link. Enjoy!

Oh...Here's my list of my parts and who Mario is fighting:

Part 1- Mario v Megaman
Part 2- Mario v Gambit
Part 3- Mario v Ness and Lucas
Part 4- Mario v Link