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Smash Collab

Posted by HellBentGoose - December 14th, 2008

Me and my friend, Flash-Gamers, are making a flash collab together. It's called The Smash Collab. We each have a character that we primarily use (I use Mario, he uses Luigi), then we each have 4 parts to contribute-different fights if you catch my drift.

Since I've been absent from Newgrounds for awhile, I tried to perfect my flashes a little bit more with some more practice and tips. I'm 100% sure that my flashes are going to be way better than they were previously.

Back to the topic...
The Smash Collab- It doesn't really...have a storyline. It doesn't need one. All it is, is Mario and Luigi versing random characters. I have 4 parts, he has 4 parts. He does the intro, I do the ending. That's basically it. I'm finished with my first part, I just have to add SFX. We're still deciding on a song. But that's it. Here's the link. Enjoy!

Oh...Here's my list of my parts and who Mario is fighting:

Part 1- Mario v Megaman
Part 2- Mario v Gambit
Part 3- Mario v Ness and Lucas
Part 4- Mario v Link

Comments (5)

Yep, this series is going to be GREAT! I should be done with my part 1 by Wednesday.....seeing how I don't have that much time to work on flash Monday,and Tuesday. "The Smash Collab" could have a plot. Mario should have his own story, and Luigi should have his own.
Luigi plot is that he wants to show Mario that he can be just as good as fighting as Mario......or Mario, and Luigi can have a competiton that involves killing people to become stronger. (Like leveling up in RcR Ex: Alex the untouchable.

Meh, almost all collabs don't have story-lines, so what's the point of having one in ours? It just makes it less complicated

so what hapened to tusf?

its still in production, i've just been caught up with school right now

Yo? When will we start this...in July?

hey r u still gana make that super smash bros. flash thing?

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