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Great for a first try, and thanks for saying that it's hard to make sprite movies. At least some one notices it. Anyways, if you ever need help with sprites, let me know. I've been working with sprites for 3 years at least. I'm not the best, but not the worst either.

PyroInc responds:

always open to help. If you mean good sprite resources and SFX then im definately all ears especially if you have DBZ SFXs.

I found a bug

When I first clicked "Play", Mario was stuck in a weird glitch/loop of running in one spot at the beginning. I waited a few minutes, but nothing happened. But I closed it, re-opened it and tried again, this time it worked.

He look like he got in a fighting match with Mike Tyson or something, idk. I like the flow, good job. 5/5 and 9/10

YoinK responds:

hmm... not sure why it did that.


There's a glitch or something, I don't know what you call it-the guy at the loading screen is missing his right hand if you look closely.

Other than that, nice! 10/10

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"not a reall clear indication of were to go"

Learn to spell please? Thanks. If you're saying shit like "OMG OMG OMG! Doomz is zo awesum yoo!", then why put that at the top? Why? Obviously you've never played Doom before. Moron.


"PLEASE add babel (the big demon with a rocket launcher for a hand) cus he is the reason why doom is so great he's even on the cover of doom 2!"

......Babel? Are you serious?! That's not even a Doom monster! It's like a name that some idiot made up after playing with a Barbie doll and Doom! I think the word you're looking for is "Cyber Demon".


No sound
Quality = shit
Not enough pics
Their boobs were fake (all lumpy and shit)

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You know

Instead of making another entry, you could've edited Zombie Hunter and replaced it with this one. You just wasted space with this entry

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can't stop laughing XD
that's hilarious


Your music finally came through!

Flash-Gamers responds:

Thanks man! My sister lazydaisy keeps hating on my songs. She needs to download her own music maker trial, and see if she can make a song of her own.


my favorite song on the portal (besides mine)

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